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Bob (Please, not Robert) Moore is a historian who writes about western Europe between the eleventh and thirteenth centuries CE and about comparative world history. Until his retirement in 2003, he greatly enjoyed teaching at the Universities of Sheffield and Newcastle, and as a visitor at the University of Chicago and UC Berkeley. His latest book is The War on Heresy, Faith and Power in Medieval Europe, (Profile, London, and Harvard UP, Cambridge MA), 2012. His next will be Foundations of the Modern World, focused mainly on Asia and Europe, which will show how the world in which we live now took shape between the appearance of Islam in the seventh century and the Mongol conquests in the thirteenth. It will be part of the multi-volume Blackwell History of the World, of which R.I. Moore is Series Editor.

Visitors to this site will see immediately that it is still under construction, and that some of its sections represent aspiration rather than reality. It will be completed as quickly as my limited industry and almost non-existent competence permit. Meanwhile I crave your patience and beg your pardon. If you care to let me know through the Contact page of anything particular that you have missed I will try to add it as soon as I can.



New material:

Added on 19.10.18 A further comment on the poshness of Mr Darcy.

Added on 14.10.17 A further comment on the poshness of Mr Darcy.

Added on 19.09. 17. Workshop on The Formation of a Persecuting Society: programme

Added on 28.08.17 Preface to Hérétiques

Added on 10.08.17 Review of Mark Pegg, The Corruption of Angels

Added on 09.08.17, ‘Religion, Violence and the Historian.’

Additions on 08.08.17, to About Me and The Blackwell History of the World.

Hérétiques, Julien Théry’s translation of The War on Heresy, has been published by Belin, Paris. It includes a new introduction (see above) which discusses explicitly the analogies between some of the problems of the the early thirteenth and early twenty-first centuries implied by the English title, and the critical apparatus – bibliography and notes – hitherto available only on this website.


The December 2016 issue of L’Histoire, France’s leading popular history magazine, features a series of articles headed ‘Les Cathares: Comment l’Église a fabriqué des hérétiques’ (The Cathars: How the Church made heretics). It includes a long interview with Bob Moore by Julien Théry-Astruc.